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Absence & Attendance Management
Cora can help you to manage your recruitment, whether it be to recruit one person or to recruit a number of people as part of a large campaign. We are not a high street recruitment agency. We offer a bespoke service. We meet with you to fully understand the role(s). We can help you manage the process from writing a job description to making an offer.
We can ensure you have in place a satisfactory means of recording sickness and other absence and excessive absence policies that allow you to effectively manage and calculate the current annual cost of your sickness absence. We can also help you to put in place a sickness and absence imporovement plan.
Redundancy should be viewed as a last resort in an organisational restructuring. We can help to look at the steps in the redundancy process, such as identifying the pool for selection, seeking volunteers, selection for redundancy, consulting employees, appeals and dismissals, offering suitable alternative employment and redundancy payments.
Disciplinary & Grievences
"Capability" refers to the skills, ability, aptitude and knowledge you have in relation to the job that you are employed to do. Lack of capability will in most cases lead to unsatisfactory performance in your role which in turn is likely to cause problems. In the event that a member of staff is underperforming, appropriate action should be taken to examine the circumstances and give support to them to improve to the required standard of competence. We can help to manage this.
Difficulties may arise at various points in the employment relationship, and disciplinary and grievance procedures are there to ensure that these challenges are dealt with fairly and consistently. For this reason, employers need procedures that support both the employer’s and employee's perspective and we can help support, offer advice and manage these types of situations and meetings alike so that you don't have to stress about the do's, dont's, ifs and buts.
Cora can help prevent discrimination by fostering an equal and diverse workplace, and making all workers aware of race discrimination issues. A good first step is to review key workplace policies, and to remove any discriminatory practices which we can help you to draft and put in place. We can help to manage to complaints process, offer advice on how best to deal with these situations and manage the final findings.